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Technical Editing

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the MIT Media Lab in particular, is the epicenter of art, design, and technology. I've had the privilege of both learning from and documenting the brilliant people and research done at these institutions — from my own graduate research in lower-limb prosthetic sockets to editing scientific publications to photographing legendary commencement events.

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Portrait Photography

I have photographed the incoming Media Arts & Sciences graduate students for three years.

At right is a selection of headshots of the Media Arts and Sciences graduate program, taken with an Olympus OMD EM1 ii + M. Zuiko 12-40 mm lens in a mix of natural lighting and studio softboxes, lightly edited in Adobe Lightroom CC.

Documentary Photography

The MIT Media Lab has also kindly invited me to capture visiting scholars, community events, and documentary spotlights of their groundbreaking projects, students, staff, and faculty. A few highlights include a seminar with author and activist Roxane Gay, annual commencement celebrations, and a feature on graduate researchers.

Technical Editing

Passion for communication, efficiency, and some level of structure — grounded in a foundation in science, technology, and engineering — enables me to provide valuable feedback on both organization and basic copyediting principles for technical publications. I’ve reviewed patent applications, editorials, doctoral dissertations, and journal articles on subjects ranging from additive manufacturing to architecture to biopolymers.

Clients include the MIT Mediated Matter Group.